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The Nordic countries –

The Nordic countries The Nordic countries consists of historical territories of the Scandinavian countries, areas that share a common histo... Read More...
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Skálholt was, through eight centuries, one of the most important places in Iceland. From 1056 until 1785, it was one of Iceland's two episco... Read More...
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Experience the South

Experience the South Hótel Hvolsvöllur is a gem among some of the best natural sights in the South South Iceland attracts the most to... Read More...
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Arrivals at Kef Airport Departures from Kef Airport

  Arrivals at Kef Airport   Departures from Kef Airport        ... Read More...
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Greenland's contrast filled nature and its exciting culture continues to attract more a more guests from Denmark and from outside the countr... Read More...
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The Greenland Church

Christianity was introduced to South and Central Greenland in the Norse period around 1000AD which provided the occasion for holding the mil... Read More...
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Greenlandic Arts and Crafts

Greenlandic art has existed throughout the history of the Inuit, an art bound up with the world of ideas and the way of life of the people o... Read More...
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Fishing and Hunting

Today, fishing is Greenland's most important industry, providing the country with the largest portion of its export income. Fishing replaced... Read More...
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East Greenland

The East Greenlanders' uniqueness from the rest of the country is clearly reflected in the language and culture of the region. The language ... Read More...